New York City is a great place to get married. Thousands of people from all over the world come to the “Big Apple” each year to get married. There are great churches as well as hundreds of incredible wedding venues and outdoor wedding ceremony locations.

Of course, as you might expect, getting married in Central Park is always a popular choice.

The official caretaker of Central Park is the Central Park Conservancy and they have an entire web page with information about getting married in Central Park.

I’ve been an officiant for weddings in Central Park for years – it’s one of my favorite places to marry couples!

Here are some things you should think about if you want to get married in New York City’s Central Park:

  • You will need a permit (application available at their website)
  • There is a fee for groups of 20 or more people
  • It takes at least 30 days to process your application
  • Wedding parties are limited to 100 people (or fewer)
  • You’ll have ONE hour for your wedding ceremony
  • Many people get married at The Conservatory Garden (at 5th and 105th Street)
  • There are “built in flowers” from early Spring to late October – it’s beautiful
  • Don’t forget your permit on your wedding day, Park officials will want to see it
  • Mail in your permit using USPS Tracking and Certified Mail
  • No alcohol, flowers, balloons, decorations or amplified sound (acoustic music OK)
  • No tents, tables, or chairs

Want to see what others have done? Looking for a little inspiration?

Visit Instagram and use the hashtags #EngagedinCentralPark or #MarriedinCentralPark

In addition to The Conservatory Garden, there are many other locations for weddings in Central Park.

Cop Cot (max. 50 ppl.): 60th St., close to Central Park South in the center of the park
Ladies Pavilion (Gazebo, max. 20-25 ppl.): 77nd St. and West Drive
Wagner Cove (Gazebo, max. 20-25 ppl.): 72nd St. west of Cherry Hill at the edge of the lake
Cherry Hill (max. 100 ppl.): Off of the 72nd St. Transverse, just east of West Drive
Harlem Meer (max. 100 ppl.): 110th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.
Shakespeare Garden (max. 20-25 ppl.): 79th St. and West Drive
Bethesda Terrace /Bethesda Fountain (25 ppl.): Off of 72nd St. Tranverse in the center of the park
Cedar Hill (max. 50 ppl.): 79th St. and 5th Ave. on the east side of the park
Great Hill (max. 100 ppl.): West 103rd St.
Gapstow Bridge (max. 20-25 ppl.): 59th St. Pond, off of Central Park West and 5th Ave.
Belvedere Plaza (max. 20-25 ppl.): No access to castle
Bow Bridge (max. 20-25 ppl.)
The Pool Lawn (max. 80 ppl.): Between West 101st and 102nd St., north lawn of pool
Summit Rock (max. 80 ppl.): 83rd St. and Central Park West